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Due to the confidential character of our customer projects we cannot provide you with any information about the scope of those projects. But we are happy to share the results of our selffunded projects.

X-Ku Rotary Joint

Design of a wide band rotary joint for the X- Ku frequency band. A rotary joint is required in antenna systems with a direction adjustable antenna but with a send/receive system atteched to the fixed world.
The very wide band design enables more channels for internal datacommunication, satellite communication and radar (high and low power) in one device.
The design also posseses a free inner bore of 100 mm to give space to the transport of other services such as electrical power or a cooling medium. The design is scalable to other frequency bands and the inner bore can be scaled also.

Elliptical filter

Synthesis and development of a elliptical filter realized in waveguide. Elliptical filters show a transmission zeros in the stop band and are compared to the traditional Chebychev design more compact in size. Especially in antenna front ends the application of this class of filters is required.

60 GHz test fixture

To test 60 GHz RF chips the current printed circuit board technology shows a too high variation to enable accurate measurements. Based on MIC thin film technology a test fixure is designed for accurate RF chip characterisation.



Certification VentureLab Twente

January 13nd 2012 was Certification day for Peter Giesselink - founder of ProGib - at VentureLab Twente. Peter augements the relation with VentureLab Twente with the one year Alumnus program.

Assignment Projectmanagement Consultancy Completed
The consultancy assignment at Micronit Microfluidics is completed with the release of their new defined project management model.
PD-Trak Consultant
ProGib gains the non-exclusive agency for PD-Trak for the Netherland and Northern Germany. PD-Trak is a very versitle SW tool for project and portfolio management. This position enables us to offer a complete programme management solution to our customers.
VentureLab Twente Participation
The founder of ProGib Peter Giesselink becomes participant of VentureLab Twente. Purpose of this participation is to develop the RF / Microwave consultancy activity into a RF / Microwave design center